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Só vi sítio descendo o pau nesse jogo. Finalizei-o no ps3; agora, no X360, e gostei muito de seu... conceito.
While it is presented as a kids' game, the tone of Where the Wild Things Are is just a few shades darker than your average children's title. Max's relationship with the Wild Things is not all love and cuddles, despite what the game's "hug," "dance," and "roar" buttons might suggest. The themes of anger and loneliness aren't on display here as in the source material, but players will certainly question whether the Wild Things can be trusted, or if they will just as soon kill Max as exalt him. Watching Wild Thing Island fall apart on screen is also notably less flowery than the average children's tale. The game's atmosphere, like Spike Jonze's film, is somewhat reminiscent of Team Ico's work, and is peaceful, mysterious, and foreboding at the same time. The score and setting contribute equally to this, with orchestrated compositions playing over desolate island backdrops throughout the adventure.
Sim, sim.

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